Beat the odds by mastering RTP!

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Beat the odds by mastering RTP!

While the ไทย บา คา ร่า online gambling machines they do not require an established strategy or skill, they do have certain logistics that you can use to your advantage.

Most players try and try different slots to find their favorites based on themes, bonus features, and prizes.

An extra variable to keep in mind that can help you select your preferred machines before testing them is their Player Return Percentage (known by its acronym in English: RTP).

Understanding RTP And How It Affects Our Game

The easiest way to understand the percentage of return or return to the player function is to know what it means. The RTP is a term used to describe the percentage of long – term expected recovery of all bets on a slot (or other casino game) determined.

Therefore, if we were to make 1,000 euro bets on a machine with an RTP of 98%, the expected return on profit would be € 980.

Another way to explain RTP is by viewing it as the opposite of House Edge, which is the mathematical advantage that the casino has a game.

When playing slots, the key is to know your percentages and understand how payments can work. That being said, just because RTP is 98% doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive 98% wins in your game. Remember, RTP is a theoretical thing that spans the life of the machine and applies to all players.

How To Beat The Odds Of Playing Online Slots

Now that we have an idea of ​​what RTP means for your game, you can start creating a “strategy” that will help you take full advantage of your online gaming activity.


  • Understand what the return to player percentage ( RTP ) is
  • Verify that RTP and understand the rating intervals on your scale: anything between 90.99% and 93.99% is considered bad; 94.00% – 94.99% is acceptable; values ​​between 95.00% – 97.99% are considered good. If you are looking to find a favorable title, it is best to search among the slots that have an RTP of 98.00% or more.
  • Please note that even games with a higher player return rate do not guarantee winnings. There are no slots that will connect to a 100% RTP.
  • Choosing a slot with a higher RTP will result in a better chance of beating the odds and earning decent wins.
  • The progressive slot machines come with the highest payments but are often linked to poor RTP percentages.

Top 5 Top Paying Online Slots

  1. Mega joker: A classic powered by NetEnt, and it comes with a 99% RTP.
  2. Cosmic Quest II Mystery Planets: Developed by Rival slot machine, this entertaining slot has 98.95% RTP.
  3. 1429 Uncharted Seas: Game created by the game development company Thunderkick with an RTP of 98.6%
  4. Ragnarok: A fun Genesis Gaming slot with an RTP of 98.00%
  5. Blood Suckers: Another Net Entertainment hit that has vampire romance in the background and comes with an RTP of 98.00%

In our recommended online casinos, there are hundreds of slot machines to choose from.

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